Quality Spirits

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About us

Quality Spirits
P. O. Box 3243
South Amboy, NJ 08879
P: 732.721.1256
F: 732.721.5371
Quality Spirits Group was founded in 1973 as Quality Food Products.  We are a full service distributor of Spirits, Wine, Beer, and NA's (mixers, juices, etc.) to the on and off premise.  QSG covers the entire State of NJ with our portfolio of brands.  We are a franchised wholesaler for: Drinks America, MS Walker, C2 Imports, and Mexcor to name a few.  We have sales and delivery coverage in all 21 counties in the state and have relationships from the largest to the smallest on and off premise retailers. 

We are currently looking to expand our offerings and are in the process of developing a strong portfolio of craft and imported beer brands.  By selecting brands based on uniqueness and quality and concentrating on distribution and brand building, we can offer a high degree of "share of mind" that you will not find in most wholesale operations.  We pride ourselves on delivering our customers high quality, competitively priced, unique experiential products.  Because of this philosophy, we have witnessed substantial growth in all categories and channels of business.

QSG has committed ownership with extensive business experience.  In fact, company management has almost a century of combined beverage experience in beer, wine and spirits.  We also maintain modern information, delivery, and sales support platforms to assure our suppliers and customers of accurate and timely stock status, pricing, and delivery.